This page displays my portfolio for the three classes (nine credits) I completed in the Strategic Communications graduate program through Washington State University Global.  The assignments were a great learning experience in expanding my knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and sharpen my skills writing a crisis communications plan.


COM 561 Multimedia Content Creation
I choose the theme of “Career Transition” for my semester class project.  I used Adobe Creative Suite to create a logo, video story and audio story.


Logo | created with Adobe Illustrator

I choose the “Career Transition” theme since I went through a career transition from a professional photographer and entrepreneur to a master degree student.  I worked on a college campus as a Student Affairs professional advising high school and college students when I decided to follow my passion for communications.  The butterfly is the universal symbol of transitioning.


Audio story | created with Adobe Audition

Jesse was a student at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and experienced a career transition from a college student to a Student Affairs professional employee on a college campus.  This is his audio story.


Video story | created with Adobe Premiere Pro

Jose served four deployments with the Army.  He experienced his career transition from a combat veteran to a college student on a college campus.  This is his video story.  (I created this video using a Canon digital camera.)


COM 562 Crisis Communication in Global Context

I created a Crisis Communications plan including a video presentation for this semester’s class project.  I choose the American Red Cross for my focus since I am a Public Affairs volunteer with the organization.
Click to view report  |  Final Crisis Communication Report


COMSTRAT 563 Professional Digital Content Promotion
Whisker’s Cat Café is a fictional business.  I created the company for my Social Media Marketing campaign.  The website and social media accounts are fictional and were created to display my completed work for the class project.

I created the pencil sketch by manipulating a photograph in Adobe Photoshop that I had taken of my cat Peter James.

Click to view website  |  Whisker’s Cat Cafe Website

Social Media Marketing Plan:
Click to view plan  |  Social Media Marketing Plan